McLaren’s supercar configurator, how are you going to spec out your McLaren GT?

Ok, I don’t care what you’re doing right now, but stop doing it. McLaren has released their configurator for the new McLaren GT, and it’s absolutely worth poking around for some (wet) dream building.

Right out of the gates, you can spec your Mc in either ‘Standard’, ‘Pioneer’ or ‘Luxe’. Pioneer? why even have that? I’m actually super curious as to whether or not anyone actually chooses Pioneer (maybe that’s why they name it that? the one guy who buys it is the pioneer?) or if they just have it as an option to steer more potential purchasers into the Luxe model. eg. for just a few hundred grand more, you can get “perforated Softgrain Aniline Leather seats with a bespoke non-contrast stitch” as opposed to the contrasting Pioneer stitch, or the simply pedestrian tonal functional stitch in the Standard trim. I mean honestly! Tonal functional stitch? what kind of plebeian brute would ever buy that?

As this is basically a wet dream configurator, I of course chose the Luxe spec, but if you compare the pics side by side, the standard really does look very basic.

Pff, you got the standard trim? What are you, poor or something?
Pff, you got the standard trim? What are you, poor or something?

It’s like they made it purposely not interesting. Also, it’s good to note that your choice here DRASTICALLY limits your options throughout the configurator. So if you’re really going for that wet dream experience, you have to choose Luxe

There are a total of 30 optional exterior paint colors you can get, however a good 4 of them are variations on black, sure they come with fancy names like Onyx or Borealis, but… they’re black. In my opinion, black on a car like this is an absolute shame as it hides so much of the incredible body detailing. Although, to be fair, I do like the Amethyst Black… but for a car like this, you want to make the most out of all of the panel detailing, my pick would be something a little out of the ordinary, and yet still classy, either Pacific, or Burnished Copper

I’m not the biggest fan of the 15 spoke wheel option, unfortunately, the 7 spoke isn’t available in the gloss black diamond cut. You do get the choice between iron and ceramic rotors, and I know it’s funny to say it when you’re putting a car together like this, but you might as well just go with iron, with new design and materials brake fade is a thing of the past, and frankly, you’re never going to be braking hard and often enough for it to ever become an issue. I’d like to see a few different options for the caliper, with just a couple of variations of black and silver, and then blaring red, I went with the gunmetal black.

But wait, there’s more! Just when you thought your new Mc couldn’t get any better…. McLaren thoughtfully includes matching luggage, all in the same leather you used to outfit your interior. God forbid you show up to the country club with a regular golf bag. Could you imagine the horror?

It’s definitely a fun tool to dream build, but I got to say, the one place it lacks is it doesn’t tell me the final price. I know, I know, it’s a McLaren, if you have to ask how much it costs, big man, you can’t afford it. For me though, that’s half the fun. I like taking the dealership configurators to take a 30k base model car and see if I can break 6 figures with options and trim.

I mean, I’d sure like to know if I could get my dream McLaren GT to crack $500k, wouldn’t you?

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