Telsa announces that it will build a pick up truck!

2017 was a very active year for Elon Musk, both of his companies SpaceX and Telsa automotive have seen some amazing successes and here is another one, the introduction of the Telsa Pickup Truck concept. That’s right, Elon is not happy with just doing family cars, sports cars, and company trucks, he has now set his focus on the pickup market.

However, the pickup market is comprehensive and complex with Ford F-150 being one of the market’s hottest pickup truck. Don’t forget the majority of people who buy trucks buy them as tools for work, so a Telsa pickup truck will need to be versatile and strong enough to handle the roughest of all the uses.

Based on the renderings that Elon has released, the new pickup truck has a Ford F-150 in the back, we are not sure if this pick up truck will be a massive one or its purely to show that the new Electric vehicles will now carry the older gas powered one. Regardless of the size the rendering does look pretty cool and I am interested to see the actual prototype once its ready.

So what does this mean to you the consumer, would you buy one?

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