The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer!

The Grand Tour released the trailer for season two yesterday!

I for one am super excited for these buffoons to be back in a hopefully revamped season 2. Season 1, which I’m sure you have all seen, featured a lot of the idiocy we’ve come to know and love from the boys, but it sure wasn’t without it’s faults. Many of the jokes were ok the first time, but were used too often, like the Celebrity Brain Crash and the boys fighting with the audience.

My personal HATRED was the new driver, “The American” it was such a completely misguided attempt at both poking fun at the US and trying to Americanize the show. In the old TG days, the bits with the Stig were great, it was about the car with a bit of commentary from Jeremy, ultimately you got to focus on the pinnacles of automotive technology destroying a hot lap.

With The American, I was always vastly annoyed, his inane, ignorant prattle in an exaggerated drawl, immense negativity about any vehicle. Pretty much I couldn’t watch the speed tests after he drove the M2 in the first episode and complained about probably THE best piece of machinery available on the market today without selling a pair of kidneys.

Welcome back boys, drop The American, and you’ve got yourself a show.

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