Top Gear Season 25 Trailer!

Top Gear released their season 25 trailer today!

Honestly…. the trailer looks good, right? It should be hitting all of the fizzy buttons, fancy cars? Check. The Stig? Check. Clear dumbassery? Check. Despite it all, it just doesn’t.

After the boys departed with Clarkson, I TRIED to watch old TG, I did. Shouty McShouty Pants Chris Evans just ruined it for me. The first new season was a debacle, Joey was wooden and looked like he didn’t want to be there, barely a drop of charisma to go around from any of the presenters and no chemistry whatsoever.

I heard the next season was quite a bit better, and I imagine this new season is going to be better still as they gel. But I look at their still forced looking antics and it’s just a bare shadow of the glory days of Fat, Slow, and Clumsy. World records being set, a heavily modified Hilux being driven to the North Pole, Hamster falling for a little car named Oliver, and James’ repeated death and resurrection.

But I digress, I was trying to find a reason to watch the new season of Top Gear. I’ve read Chris Harris is actually quite good, Sabine Schmitz is a regular (whom I love), the Stig is still as taciturn as ever, and there appear to be hijinx galore.

But, TG, you hurt me, it was a bad breakup and the rebound guy was clownish and annoying, but…. I’m willing to give you another chance, maybe I’m ready to love again.

Just don’t let me down.

all images and video credit to Top Gear - BBC

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